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Spring 2012

Well, it has been almost one year since I lost my job… Last year I was able to really watch the turning of spring into summer, and it was truly beautiful. In early April the flowers were basically playing tag. One type would bloom while another waited, and then that flower would bloom while the previous one got set for summer. I was so fortunate to be able to open my windows and have the fragrances come through the windows. They were so nice, and at times I could even make a distinction between the different scents.

This spring, it looks like it is going to be the same. I am still searching for a job, but this year is not so depressing, adding a touch of humor, I am slightly accustomed to the job search, but I am looking forward to the having the opportunity to witness spring turn into summer again. I am reminded of waking up this past Sunday and noticing the first bits of green on the trees. In just a few days the light green has turned slightly darker and I am now seeing the other trees performing their spring time ritual with a show of white and lilac. Also, at night, I am able to see Saturn and Venus in the western sky. Thank you Mother Nature, Earth Goddess and the like, this transformation, once again is truly beautiful, not taken for granted by this human, and it never ceases to amaze me.

Zombie Fighting Course, Offered

Zombie fighting course!

Follow the link. This would be so interesting: to understand human nature in times of crisis and disaster. I would like to think that most of humanity recognizes the point of sticking together and working together equally, but unfortunately I fear that a lot of people will push humanity aside and just live for the immediate need of themselves. Oh well, we’ll see.

Power Moves

There have been several instances of experience where all I could think was, “That person is trying to pull a power move on me.”

Power Moves – are those actions or interactions that leave no room for disagreement, alternative suggestions, or any thoughts other than the initiator of the Power Move. Power Moves are moves in an attempt to control, not that interactions would ever become abusive, but I’m reminded of a dog marking its territory – a Power Move.